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“I have been working with Erin Hamrick and Sterling James since 2011. They helped me build a start- up team of experts that profitably wrote over $1B in premium in less than five years. Erin and her team has a nature skill for finding only the very best people that saves you time and effort in a talent search. I have recommended Erin to many of my friends and colleagues over the years and all have been equally thrilled with her performance. Finally, she is extremely positive and just fun to work with.”

“Many in the recruiting business are expected to be connectors of people if you will, but Erin’s strength lies not only in her ability to connect, but with her keen understanding of the business to bring her client the most optimal solution.”

“Erin and her team constantly think outside the box, looking for win-win solutions versus black and white absolutes.”

“In a line not known for discretion and honesty, Erin Hamrick stands out amongst her competitors as the one to trust - a significant contributor to her success.”

“Erin is a tireless advocate for women in the industry, continually finding ways to get out the message that we need more women in positions of leadership. One way she does this is by writing and talking to publications like Carrier Management on a regular basis. Another is by having Sterling James fund and sponsor important research about the advancement of women to leadership positions. And finally, she just brings men and women of the industry together-literally-by introducing them into her vast network of connections.”

“I have worked with Erin Hamrick on both the client-side and the candidate-side. She’s prompted make industry colleagues, like me, to get more involved in the discussion of diversity and to ever re-think how we need to build our teams.”

“All successful executives learn that their critically most important role is to recruit and hire really good people and put them in the right roles. Nothing is more important to the success of an organization. But hiring really good people, who are a cultural fit, is brutally hard. It is through my endeavors to hire really good executives that I have come to know and appreciate Sterling James and Erin Hamrick. Erin excels as an insurance industry executive recruiter and consultant.”

“Erin Hamrick’s engaging style, deep and nuanced understating of the insurance industry, and of leadership has been immensely helpful.”